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Since I found a good overdub program letting me record while hearing the music, and I happened to have a small set of karaoke versions I thought I'd try it out and make a recording ^_^;;

So this is the outcome: Me singing "Ningyo Hime", the second ending song of Chobits, originally sung by Rei Tanaka.
Well its not perfect ^^;; It may be recorded with a cheap headset, but its not an excuse for my mediocre singing ::lol::
Since I wasn't able to reach the highest heights in the song well, the whole track was pitched down by 0.15 octaves, by the way.

Click here to listen!

Freenet has a 1MB file limit, so it's just 32kbit 16khz mono ~.~ if you do happen to like it for some odd reason, I can send you a high-quality version over AIM ^_^;;

Ah, and in case you're wondering - there really is this long verseless pause in the song, I didn't forget anything ^^;;

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