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Just updating, I guess.

I feel its time for another update on what's going on - thought to let you know.
Nothing too special in particular, actually. The usual up and down of life, it seems.
My friend David bought me a Dreamcast off ebay. Just like that.
Well he said I should think about it when my birthday comes - meaning it's an early birthday present XD
That's fine with me of course and I'm very thankful for it, to say the least.
Just a few days later he gave me his Shenmue II - the game definately wished for most on DC, though I surely would have bought it myself as soon as I had the money. However there is a mild snag to it - disc 1 has a bit of an error in one area of the game, which is why Dave ordered himself a new (yet used) Shenmue II from ebay again. But in the end I found out how to avoid that error, so I basically could fully enjoy Shenmue II. Well, boring stuff.
That was weeks ago and I finished the game by now, but am now playing it for the second time, catching all the side-plots and secrets along the way that I missed throughout my first round.

Well, enough of that. How's my current state?
Not too satisfied with myself actually, I'm starting to slack off a little again and am feeling pretty weak over all. I guess I should do more sports again to regain some power and verve, but at the moment I'm in my typical unstructured state where there's lots I'd like to do but I don't know where to start, as stupid as it sounds.
I need good muse. Or maybe just a boot in my fat behind.

On another note, I'm glad about the positive feedback to my karaoke recording, but I did notice it was very sparse and I can't get rid of the feeling many just didn't notice the post - Now it may be awful, smitable, gross attention-whoring by me, but I'd really like to encourage you to leave a brief review of the recording, even those who'd love to bash it are welcome ::lol:: Honesty is welcome, really.

Here it is again - Best off to right click and save it, making sure it doesn't get streamed

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