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Reviving a Home

Hi there ^_^;

I'm somewhat afraid of returning for a post after such a long time - I feel bad reffering to you all als "friends" when I practically abandoned LJ and didn't take the time to post anymore. Sure, I could bring up excuses in masses - I indeed was busy, but I wish to be an honest person and being real - of course somewhere there was space here and their to write a post, at least once a week or so. ::sighs::

Done ist done, I met Erica online again yesterday and she reminded me of LJ - So you bet I'm back, ahahaha ^_^( )
Here's the plan - from now on I'll seriously at least post once a week from now on, usually at the end of the week. I'll write about the happenings of the week at work, progress in the singing "training camp", meetings with friends - the usual stuff.
Huh? Work? Training camp? Well hell, a lot has been going on since way back then ^_^;

Dear, where should I start..
I'm 22 now - I'm working as grafik-design trainee in a online-marketing company called vioma, we're mainly giving heavy assistance in the online-marketing of 4-5 star spa-hotels of austria. We do some specialised application service providing apart from that. It's a young company, a small team with most members being my age even ^^
We work in the 11th floor of a building at the edge of Offenburg, a city at the edge of the black forrest (yep, where the cake comes from) wonderful view from up there ^^ It's a friendly environment, something quite unique and I'm respected well by everyone. ^^

Apart from that I'm singing more than I used to - there was once a casting of the German label "Anime Records", who regularely publish sampler CDs of anime songs, they were looking for members for a new German band singing anime karaoke - I joined in the casting and now I got amont the 11 best of 300. 5 girls where selected as "Second Children", the next little band - the rest are in a "training camp" where we're given tasks like singing a certain song so Gatsu, the producer can see where our limits and specialties lie. I'm critically watching this progress on one side, on the other I see it as a good experience though - and if I really end up being on stage on one of the German cons, I'm eager to see if I can do it.

Here are my recordings so far:
To download scroll down and click "free" to download - don't worry, no spam-risk or anything

An accapella medley of Blurry Eyes, Yakusoku wa Iranai & Glaring Dream

Sailormoon's "Moonlight Densetsu" (orig. OP), also accapella
Back then one had to choose between "Every Heart" (Inuyasha 4th ED) and "Moonlight Densetsu" - both a little too high at some spots for me, but I beared with it as good as I could.

Oro~ a rather scabby recording of "Shining Collection"
This was the first task I recieved from Gatsu - he wanted to test speed and power, I guess. Didn't work out too well, if you ask me x_x

What more is going on?
There's the "Offenburg no Nippon", a monthly meetup of otakus of the area in Offenburg, the city I work in. We gather in a mensa room of a school on Saturdays and talk, fool around, play games, sing karaoke - some cosplay a little too. ^^ I made a lot new friends there, some I visit time after time - and they visit me too ^^
A lot female ones, to be honest ^^;; ehehe.. but nothing serious - In the beginning I once had a crush on a half-Russian EGL and big-time RPG-fan Lina, but after I confessed and got turned down then got over it in 3 days I knew it was just a laughable little crush ^^;;  After that I calmed down and came to realize that even though I like them all as they are, nobody truly strikes my interest. Oh well ^^; I have other enclosed hopes & dreams though.
But you know.. ::smiles:: Himitsu desu ^,~

Tags: anime karaoke medley, casting, moonlight densetsu, too much to mention, vioma

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