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Concerts, average week, a pic of me

Hm.. an average week actually ::scratcheshead::
Well - OnNi (the otaku meetup) on Saturday was just fine again ^^ Though we seriously need a decent program in future, as its just so random and if you're not constantly spending time talking with the girls, you'd find it rather boring. I wish we'd do more as a group in total, we're so chopped in little groups and couples as it is right now.
And while I'm in a way everywhere to be seen and chat people from all groups - I'm also nowhere, in a way. Sometimes a bit angst comes across me and I'm missing that "at home" feeling, even with all the cuddling and friendly environment.

Here's a pseudo-wallpaper'ized picture of me in the backyard of the schoolbuilding where the OnNi is held each month.

Other than that, I forgot big news of the past:
Moi dix Moi and Dir en grey came to Germany and I was on both concerts! XD
Moi dix Moi (Led by ex-Malice Mizer member Mana) in munich, Dir en grey in Berlin. Both were good shows, Dir en grey was tiring a little, between the 3500 obsessive fangirls @_@  My ears are seriously damaged a little too, so I'm more careful from now on... sadly my favourite songs weren't played, they only plaid the tracks from their new album, none of their big classics like "Cage", "Yokan", "Akuro no Oka" or "Yurameki" - as a fan of their softer, mid-tempo & melodic sides, I wasn't too happy with the selection.

On the big upside - I've recently started download Full Metal Alchemist and that's one kick-ass anime o_o; It's been a long while since a anime has captivated me that much - I underestimated this series by far, thinking it was yer' average power-up shonen anime with a load of magic. Instead it unfolds as a deep and tragic story that's already moved me to tears once and I wouldn't be surprised if it happens again.


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