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Reviving a Home

Hi there ^_^;

I'm somewhat afraid of returning for a post after such a long time - I feel bad reffering to you all als "friends" when I practically abandoned LJ and didn't take the time to post anymore. Sure, I could bring up excuses in masses - I indeed was busy, but I wish to be an honest person and being real - of course somewhere there was space here and their to write a post, at least once a week or so. ::sighs::

Done ist done, I met Erica online again yesterday and she reminded me of LJ - So you bet I'm back, ahahaha ^_^( )
Here's the plan - from now on I'll seriously at least post once a week from now on, usually at the end of the week. I'll write about the happenings of the week at work, progress in the singing "training camp", meetings with friends - the usual stuff.
Huh? Work? Training camp? Well hell, a lot has been going on since way back then ^_^;

Big time post, of course - lucky i just recalled how lj-cut works XDCollapse )